Construct a brand in a world of laboratories

As a family-owned French laboratory with an 80-year history based on a natural and humanistic view on health, Lehning had taken refuge behind its products. In 2013 the company turned to blackandgold, with a goal of reaffirming its strategic positioning and values through all of its online and offline media. 

Enable the laboratory to emerge in the pharmacy market

The Challenge
Reinforce the connection of the product range with Lehning Laboratories. Additionally, make visible its roots in natural health without losing product clarity, which is responsible for patient recognition.

Our Brand Idea
In order to create more point-of-sales visibility, we opted for a new format to provide greater space for expression. We readjusted the hierarchy of on-pack communication to better separate the space for product description from that of the Lehning endorsement. Finally, we clarified the botanical nature of the products by injecting a plant motif into the structure, while still retaining its austerity as a guarantee of excellence and expertise.

The Result
A less-diluted pharmacy brand has led to Lehning Laboratories gaining both recognition and increased brand awareness.

Packaging Design
Enable the laboratory to emerge in the pharmacy market